Beztak has a reputation in the industry for implementing the most cutting-edge technologies, ideas and procedures to empower our team with everything necessary to provide the best possible experience for our clients and residents. Our property management division has invested in numerous tools to better conduct market research and competitive analytics as well as to improve efficiencies and provide greater and more timely access to real time operational data. We are proud to work with the following vendors who have a proven track record of experience, quality and cost-savings.

Performance and Operations



Performance and Operations
Our Performance and Operations team provides national, regional and site-specific support to optimize property performance. The following vendors are instrumental to our efforts:
Yardi® Voyager
Yardi® Voyager platform provides 24/7 access to realtime property and accounting data. The system features a variety of specialized reporting, reforecasting and budgeting capabilities to help managers oversee their communities effectively. Through Yardi® Voyager, clients are provided real-time access to read all reports for full transparency and efficacy.
Yardi® Call Center
Yardi® Call Center which allows for 24-hour communication with prospects and includes an online chat feature.
Yardi® PayScan
Yardi® PayScan streamlines the purchase order and invoicing process with efficient, online approval workflows. This system provides spending controls, while also ensuring interior and exterior specification consistency by limiting the items that a property is able to order based on a custom catalogue for each individual community. Yardi® PayScan ensures timely vendor payments, lowers costs, and offers full client transparency.
Popic & Habitat Specialty
Residents are auto-enrolled in our damage waiver and personal contents program for a monthly fee, unless they choose to purchase their own renter’s insurance.
Sherpa combines a unique methodology, CRM, training and analytical tools all designed for senior living sales. Sherpa promotes a culture of empathy and collaboration that’s proven to increase both sales effectiveness and resident satisfaction.
YES Energy
YES Energy provides energy management and utility metering and billing services.
Happy Co
Utilized for compliance and documentation, this realtime inspection software is used by the operations team and allows them the ability to inspect, manage and monitor an asset from anywhere in a manner that seamlessly integrates with our operating software.
Analytics is an essential element to a successful digital marketing strategy. Analyzing data patterns and trends helps empower companies to reach their potential customers and targets them in the most efficient and effective ways.
CoStar Market Analytics
CoStar Market Analytics is the complete solution for Owners, Investors and Lenders, providing a 360° view of the commercial real estate market. Competitive properties, sale comps, lease comps, market trends, economic forecasting and more are provided.
Beztak incorporates the following tools to help brand, promote and differentiate each asset in our portfolio.
RENTCafé is a nationwide internet listing service (ILS) that enables renters to easily find apartments and houses for rent throughout the United States.
G5 is the leader in multi-family website design and hosting. Our partnership with G5 enables us to obtain cutting-edge website design, aggressive search engine optimization, pay per click campaigns, constantly updated key word linking strategies and detailed website performance reports.
Updater is a moving application that allows our customers to streamline the process amongst service providers, retailers and businesses.
Matterport is a service which creates virtual 3D tour videos to post to your website.
Rently offers a user-friendly app or website that will walk your prospects the set-up of a self-guided tour from beginning to end.
OneDay builds personal connections through custom video stories.

Radix helps multifamily organizations drive top line revenue by equipping teams with the tools to gather reliable and insightful market data in real time. 

Knock is an intuitive CRM platform for onsite leasing teams. Knock's gamified experience drives prospect follow up, leases and renewals. 

PERQ is an Al-powered interactive sales experience incorporated into each property website that provides a more interactive experience for each customer.
Weblisters is a self-posting tool that allows apartment communities to advertise through classified sites, websites, social media, flyers, banners and more.
TouchTour, GeoReferencing, and SightMap are the Engrain products that offer a tech-savy and super modern technique to show your community’s finest assets and amenities.
Respage AI-powered Chatbots use Natural Language Processing (NLP), which allows the conversation with a prospect to flow genuinely. The bot can learn from conversations and adapt future responses based on what it learns.
SmartRent empowers prospects to continue their search for a new home through a completely app-free, web based self-guided tour experience of a property without the restriction of office hours or staff resources.
ACE is an AI leasing assistant which captures and nurtures prospects from any communication channel (voice, chat, text) 24/7
ActiveDEMAND enables marketers, agencies and businesses to supercharge their marketing efforts thru streamlines marketing automation, offering campaign management and attribution reporting while integrating with other sales tools. 

Resident Retention

Human Resources

Asset Engineering

Resident Retention
High lease renewal rates are the result of satisfied residents. In addition to providing exceptional service and accommodations, effective property management ensures residents are provided the ability to provide feedback about their experience. We employ the following programs to solicit information that helps owners secure long-term residents.
Community Rewards
Community Rewards (a Modern Message company) is a digital engagement platform for resident engagement that rewards residents for their survey participation, feedback, renewals, referrals and recommendations.
SoCi is a full service online reputation and social media management solution. It is used to publish top-performing social content across multiple media platforms, coordinate brand-consistent responses to reviews and monitor competitive insights to enhance social reputation.  
Kingsley implements strategic survey programs to understand residents’ needs and demands during key phases of the residents’ lifecycle. The information gathered allows us to derive clear action items to enhance our residents’ living experience.
Human Resources
Our Human Resources team supports one of the most critical aspects of any company’s success: attracting and retaining the best people. Our HR team members offer invaluable professional knowledge, as well as programs, services and information systems specifically tailored to the unique demands of property management.
Beztak University
Beztak University, provided by Yardi® Aspire, is an online learning tool used to educate employees on the platforms we use. Each employee uses Beztak University to take company-assigned, position-specific courses as well as trainings on compliance, safety and company-wide initiatives.
PayScale is a compensation software and data company which empowers people and employers with fresh, transparent, and validated salary data, easy-to-use software, and services to get pay right under any market conditions.
Paycor functions as Beztak's full-service HRIS system and streamlines aspects of the employment experience for associates and managers. This cloud-based system includes full-cycle recruiting and onboarding, performance development, time management and payroll functions.
Asset Engineering
Our Asset Engineering team provides property renovation and asset repositioning services. Our in-depth experience with capital project management includes facility renovations/retrofits, process improvements, equipment installations and utility installations and modifications. The division also includes our Facility Directors who oversee maintenance operations on a regional level.


Information Technology

Risk Management

Beztak’s Accounting team is comprised of accounting, compliance and internal audit experts. Our team of professionals and CPAs offer expertise in financial administration. Utilizing Yardi® property management software, our Accounting team is able to exchange information quickly and securely. On-going software training and Yardi® Help Desk is available to aid on-site property management staff with accounting activities.
Debt Logic and FCO
Our teams work best when they’re leasing apartments and servicing residents. As a company, we minimize bad debt for all of our clients by leveraging our size to negotiate the best rates with companies beating industry collection averages. The vendor partners integrate with our operating software, sometimes using predictive analytics and automated outreach to maximize recovery efforts through an intelligent data driven system.
BILT Rewards
Bilt is a rental payment platform and loyalty program that rewards residents for rent. Through Bilt, residents earn high-value rewards that can be used across travel, shopping, fitness and housing while also receiving exclusive benefits like free rent reporting. 
Information Technology
Our Information Technology team ensures clients can always access accurate and timely property and portfolio information, provides team members access to a custom property management application environment, and empowers residents with convenient and innovative services and solutions. Our IT team continually researches, develops and implements cutting-edge, scalable and flexible systems to meet the ever-changing demands of business to retain Beztak’s position as an industry leader.
Yardi® Help Desk
Yardi® Help Desk features experts in property site operations who offer real time assistance with questions, training or issues. By minimizing their attention to IT support, managers can focus on their core business.

Risk Management
Our Risk Management team ensures our clients’ physical and financial assets have adequate protection by monitoring compliance and maintaining proper audit controls. Our team defines areas of possible risk and administers programs to eliminate or minimize those risks, including the following services: incident report tracking, monitoring follow-up training and safety meetings, supporting property transitions, conducting unannounced internal audits and overseeing vendor insurance criteria.
Great Prairie Risk Management
This cost-free service houses all incident reports for the company and each community, with reporting provided as an efficient mechanism to review trends, volume of occurrences and potential liabilities.

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